Albanian American Muslim Community

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Albanian American Muslim Community

Our goal started many years ago, during the early years of 1950. A group of men and women had the foresight to look ahead toward the future for the younger generation. A committee was formed, money was raised, and a building was purchased on South Elm Street. This was the first site for the “Albanian American Moslem Community.”

As years passed many religious and social activities were held. Additional funds were raised to finish payment of personal interest free loans by a few Albanian leaders.

In 1965, the personal loans were paid back. The organization continued to have its religious and social functions, but we had neither our own mosque nor our own Iman.

On March 31, 1968 a special meeting was held to formulate, organize, and plan for the building of a mosque, and to bring and Iman to our community. It was then decided to hold a general meeting of all the members and to present to them preliminary plans for their comments and approval. Meetings were now held every week by the building committee in an effort to accelerate the raising of additional funds and securing a new location for our mosque. 

In 1969, the property on Raymond Street was approved and purchased and the first site on South Elm Street was sold. 

It has taken many years, but we have succeeded through dedication, hard work, and a firm belief in our cause. No faith can grow and remain strong without the freedom to worship, but we can now take our hopes and build on them and be of service to our community and to all mankind.

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