Slang Journals Collection

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SJ (local)
2011 (Date created)

The Slang Journal Collection is a compilation of words, sayings, and abbreviations collected by English 2271 students since autumn 2011, as well as one Mosaic high school student's 50-term contribution in SP17. There are currently 1,900 entries. 


The master list is an Excel file that includes the following information, each in separate columns: word, preceeding utterance, utterance containing word, following utterance, spoken/written, speaker age, speaker gender, speaker race/ethnicity, addressee age, addressee gender, addressee race/ethnicity, domain, taboo, situational context, meaning, semester and year of collection.


The alphabetical catalogue enables researchers to seek out specific terms, compare applications of a word or saying, or simply familiarize oneself with popular terminology used on and around the Ohio State University campus, as documented by students.

Creator and/or Contributor
Modan, Gabriella (creator)
System of Arrangement

The Slang Journals database is an Excel sheet that lists the utterance and contextualizing information. There are no student names attached to the database.

English (Languages)
Other Subject Headings
Slang (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Generation Y (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Slang (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Temporal Coverage
2011 (2011-present)
Preferred Citation
Folklore Archives, Center for Folklore Studies, Ohio State University. Slang Journals Collection. "Slang Term."
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Modan, Gabriella (creator)