Interview with Bill Memberto.

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06.1989.13.2 (local)
April 2 1989 (Bulk dates)

This interview was partially conducted at the CMU pow pow in Mt. Pleasant on April 2nd with Phillip Memberto, the lead singer of the Two Hawks Drum. A telephone interview was also conducted with Bill Memberto on April 8th to gather more background information on the group. Phillip Memberto is normally the spokesperson for the group but he was in the process of moving and could not be reached. The Two Hawks Drum group is from the Grand Rapids area. All the drum members are Ottawa and have known each other for many years. The tape on April 2nd includes a social dance song and a Veteran (honor) song for Frank Bush. The second song includes female singers who are the wives and girlfriends of the drummers. Because pow wow dancing and singing is a family activity many of the drummers' children dance while their parents sing. The Two Hawks Drum is experienced in performing for large audiences and would be able to get a large audience to participate in various social dances.

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Bill Memberto (artist), Patricia Dyer (interviewer)
1 (cassette tape)
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powwows (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
music (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
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sound cassettes (analog)
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