Interview with Erma Bentley

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NA 567 (local)
1970 (Date created)
Erma Bentley interviewed by Frank Spizuoco on March 19, 1970 in Dexter, ME. For class (FO 191) Spring 1970. Humorous anecdotes told by Erma Bentley recorded by Frank Spizuoco at Dexter, Maine, March 19, 1970. Accession includes a report written by Spizuoco in conjunction with a course in folklore taken at the University of Maine, but does not include any recordings although the material was apparently taped. The report presents information about the primary informant, Mrs. Bentley, and relates her stories about local characters near Dexter, Maine around the turn of the 20th century, including Tom Bickell, William Pooler, John Toner, Charles Favor, Old Man Hodgkins, Ed Dexter, George Brawn, Bement, Frank Tait, Ed Fifield, Steve Haynes, Benny Beals, Uncle Dave Henkins, Deacon Glass, Hiram Clapp. The report contains several black and white photos of Erma Bentley and her brother-in-law, Albert “Bert” Call. Manuscript: 15 pp
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Erma Bentley (creator), Frank Spizuoco (contributor)
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Dexter (Local)
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Erma Bentley (creator)