Interview with George Stevens

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NA 3630 (local)
2009 (Date created)
George Stevens interviewed by David Slagger, December 14, 2009, concerning the 1980 Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act. Stevens talks about placement camps; the governor council; Governor Reed; Jimmy Mitchell; Lawrence LeKoot; the “gravel pit”; Don Gellers; Tom Tureen; Ollie Holmes; arrests; Passamaquoddy protests; Judge Dudley; federal recognition; encroachment of 1973-1974; riot at Grand Lake Road toll; Governor Longley; milk delivery ending; Plaisteds Camps; Delia Mitchell; Louise Sockabasin; Morris Brooks; country singer Dick Curless; Micmac (Mi’kmaq); Maliseet; tribal intermarrying; learning English; importance of historical record; Harold Louis; Anna Horne; Phyllis Stevens; George Sockabasin; move to Pleasant Point; housing, employment, education; chopping wood vs. oil. Transcript: 18 pp. Recording: CD2078 37 min

Supplemental Materials: Paper, Interviewing Participants in the 1980 Indian Land Claims Settlement Act, by David Slagger, 5 pp; ANT 490 Special Projects, Interview Questions, by David Slagger, 2 pp; Newspaper clippings on President Carter signing Claims Act, Bangor Daily News; Publication, Federal and State Services and the Maine Indian, Dec. 1974, 104 pp.
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George Stevens (creator), David Slagger (contributor)
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1980 Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act. (Local)
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