Interview with Jim Tierney

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NA 3631 (local)
Jim Tierney former attorney general for the state of Maine, interviewed by David Slagger, August 2009. Tierney discusses the 1980 Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act. Tierney talks about negotiation period 1977-1978; Joe Brennan; hostile climate; Richard Cohen; high stakes beano case; Reagan; 1978 U.S. Senate election; Senator Hathaway; the “cracked egg” ad; Senator Muskie; Senator George Mitchell; 1974 article “State and Federal Laws and the Maine Indian”; “benevolent paternalism” of Maine to tribes 1974-1980; discrimination Old Town High School; settlement act vs. Brennan; Micmac (Mi’kmaq) recognition 1991; building new frameworks; Supreme Court on the 1980 Settlement Act; John Patterson; Cap Howard; Andy Janelle; pro-Indian and con-Indian players in the legislature; Elizabeth Mitchell; Jon Sewall; Bonnie Post; the lawyer Don Perkins; Libby Mitchell; individualistic vs. legalistic positions; President Carter’s visit to Bangor; local and national support for tribal claims; relationship between legal advances and public opinion; Tom Tureen; Senator Alvarez; elite discourse v. native discourse; effectiveness of government; real estate economics and litigation; Jim Case; “Chief Blue Light”; Land Claims as “folklore.” Transcript: 26 pp. Recording: CD2079 57 min
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Jim Tierney (creator), David Slagger (actor)
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1980 Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act Tierney talks about negotiation period 1977-1978 (Local)
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Jim Tierney (creator)
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