Interview with Calvin Young

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NA 832 (local)
1974 (Date created)
Calvin Young interviewed by David Taylor, April 3, 1974, at Young’s home in Winterport, Maine. (ISO 100). 6 page index. Young mentions his World War One job in a shipyard, job cutting cord wood; father was a mason, brother-in-law ran ferry in Winterport. Young describes winter fishing on the Penobscot River below Winterport, at Mill Creek, Haggett Stream, Kempton’s Cove, Hurd’s Brook, Marsh Rock, and Old Women’s Stream; fish camps, perils of ice-fishing, marketing and price of fish, equipment, clothing, nets; Young plays the hammered dulcimer, drawing of dulcimer; mentions George Page, building a scow with Sid Johnson; fished with Ashley Young, Chet Nealey from Hampden, Milton Baker, Raymond Down, and Phil Alley; Waldo Perkins hauled the fish to market. Penobscot River Commercial Fisheries Project. Tape 1 hour: T749
Creator and/or Contributor
Calvin Young (creator), Taylor, David (contributor)
Other Subject Headings
Penobscot River Commercial Fisheries Project (Local)
Materials Designation
sound tape reels (analog)
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Calvin Young (creator)