Interview with Alan Philbrick and Phyllis Quimby Philbrick

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NA 2373 (local)
1995 (Date created)
Interview with Alan Philbrick and Phyllis Quimby Philbrick about French Canadian family migration from St. Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec to Stratten, Maine c.1881, and Yankee family migration up the Carrabasset Valley, Maine. Alan Philbrick supplemented his Aunt Phyllis’s commentary by saying that the maiden name of his great-grandmother from Quebec was Pepin and her husbands was Touchette (approximate spelling). Also, two lobstering stories from Alan. The story of migration from Quebec concerns the little known Lac Magantic Trail. Canada Road Survey.C1422 – C1423
Creator and/or Contributor
Allan Philbrick (creator), Phyllis Quimby Philbrick (creator), Barry Rodrigue (contributor)
Other Subject Headings
French Canadian family migration (Local)
Materials Designation
sound cassettes (analog)
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Allan Philbrick (creator)
Phyllis Quimby Philbrick (creator)