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2007 (Inclusive dates)
3.01 — 1/2/07
"Things of Intrinsic Worth"
Happy New Year from the Western Folklife Center! Included in this first podcast of 2007 is a twenty-year-old recitation of Wallace McRae's classic poem, "Things of Intrinsic Worth," recorded during the third Cowboy Poetry Gathering in 1987. Paul Zarzyski provides his take on the importance of this poem within the cowboy poetry canon, from an interview with Paul in 2004.
Length: 5:58
3.02 — 1/18/07
The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
It's January once again, and the staff at the Western Folklife Center are getting ready to host the 23rd National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, January 27 through February 3, 2007. We thought it would be a good time to for a podcast featuring poems specifically about the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, as those of you listening out there are getting geared up to attend this year's event. Poets and musicians featured are Frank Gleeson, Robert Phillips, Darrell Arnold, John Best, Bill Roberts, and Tserendorj Tserendorj.
Length: 16:52
3.03 — 2/12/07
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day from the Western Folklife Center! This installment of Live From Elko features the work of John Dofflemyer, Linda Hussa and Glenn Ohrlin.
Length: 7:00
3.04 — 3/1/07
"Lonesome Nights"
This episode of Live From Elko brings you the late Melvin Whipple's "Lonesome Nights" poem, performed in the 1986 Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and a partial interview of Whipple in 1984 by folklorist Jim McNutt.
Length: 7:36
3.05 — 3/15/07
"Crocus in the Snow"
Spring is, of course, a time of year for renewal and rebirth -- characteristics that are often associated with the West itself. In this episode of Live from Elko, we feature a truly western song for this time of year, "Crocus in the Snow," by Montana singer/songwriter, Stephanie Davis, recorded in May 2006 in the Western Folklife Center's G Three Bar Theater.
Length: 5:30
3.06 — 3/29/07
A Gathering of Bicycle Poetry
As we are now being teased with the possibility of Spring, some of us are already dreaming of those long summer days we will spend in the cool mountain air atop a saddle...a bicycle saddle. Here are two poems, one by David Richmond and another by the late Sunny Hancock, that pay wry tribute to our beloved two-wheeled companions.
Length: 10:08
3.07 — 4/13/07
It's Tax Time in the U.S.A.
April 17th is upon us once again -- one of the two inevitabilities in life, but at least we get two extra days to file this time around! To celebrate the tax season, Live From Elko brings you two poems, Yula Sue Whipple Hunting's "Open Letter to the IRS," recorded at the 1985 Cowboy Poetry Gathering, followed by Rodney Nelson's "Income Tax Time," recorded at the 2002 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Happy filing!
Length: 7:26
3.08 — 5/8/07
"Badger Basin"
One of Kenn Lee's lesser known songs made an impression on us in the Western Folklife Center Archives recently. Kenn is a songwriter from Guffey, Colorado, and his song "Badger Basin" explores the issues of growth and water rights from a rancher's perspective.
Length: 6:31
3.09 — 5/24/07
"I'd Like To Be In Texas For The Roundup In The Spring"
In this episode of Ranch Rhymes: Cowboy Poetry and Music from the Western Folklife Center Archives, we hear the late Buck Ramsey singing "I'd Like To Be In Texas" at the Lowell Folk Festival in 1994.
Length: 6:06
3.10 — 6/11/07
"The Yellowstone"
To inspire the songwriter within for our Yellowstone & Teton Songwriting Contest, this episode of Ranch Rhymes features Wallace McRae reciting his poem, "The Yellowstone," recorded at McRae's eastern Montana ranch several years ago.
Length: 3:44
3.11 — 6/21/07
Cello Meets Poem-"Potatoes" Go ROCK 'n' ROWEL Global
A year or so ago, San Francisco Bay area cellist Renata Bratt and Montana poet Paul Zarzyski didn't even know they shared this planet together. This episode presents the duo as they perform "Potatoes," an original Zarzyski poem. Paul talks about their cosmic meeting in his online journal. Click here to read about it.
Length: 7:05
3.12 — 6/28/07
Happy Independence Day!
Our latest episode features a contemporary western classic, "The Freedom Song," performed by Texas songwriter, Andy Wilkinson at the 2004 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, with Rich O'Brien accompanying him.
Length: 5:24
3.13 — 7/12/07
"Sangre de Indio"
Fifteen years ago, the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering made welcome some extraordinary corrido performers in Elko, Nevada. Featured in this podcast is Johnny Whelan, a native of southern New Mexico, singing and playing guitar and harmonica on a traditional corrido titled, "Sangre de Indio."
Length: 5:24
3.14 — 7/31/07
"Working for Dollars"
It's a summer of corridos at the Western Folklife Center, and this episode of Ranch Rhymes celebrates vaquero culture from the north side of the border with a song from Michael and Dawn Moon.
Length: 5:12
3.15 — 8/15/07
Corrido de los Latinos Unidos
At the Western Folklife Center's corrido contest in Nampa, Idaho -- the Gran Concurso de Corridos -- Jose F. Garcia won first place for an original composition, "Corridos de los Latinos Unidos," featured in this episode of Ranch Rhymes.
Length: 5:34
3.16 — 9/11/07
Colen Sweeten Jr.: Ranch Rhymes Classics
A close friend of the Western Folklife Center, the late Colen H. Sweeten Jr. recited his own poetry at the very first Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko in 1985, and for many more years thereafter. This episode of Ranch Rhymes features Colen reciting two of his classic poems, "Why Do Coyotes Howl at Night?" and "Dream Ranch."
Length: 2:48
3.17 — 9/24/07
Slim Critchlow, Part I
Without a doubt, Slim Critchlow had a wealth of American folk songs. Ranch Rhymes brings you "The Night Herding Song" and "Hi-Chinned Bob" by Slim from the Western Folklife Center Archives in this, Episode I featuring Slim Critchlow.
Length: 8:01
3.18 — 10/03/07
Slim Critchlow, Part II
We continue the Ranch Rhymes podcast with another episode featuring Slim Critchlow, performing "When I Went Off to Prospect" and "Who Said I Was A Bum?"
Length: 5:50
3.19 — 10/11/07
Sheep Stories on Ranch Rhymes
At the 2005 Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Ketchum, Idaho, Western Folklife Center Program Outreach Coordinator Christina Barr had the chance to talk with Teofilo Leon and Edwin Rojas, two former sheepherders from Peru, about their lives, the American West, and the agricultural industry that landed them in Idaho years ago. This episode of Ranch Rhymes brings you those interviews and music from Peru with singers Luzmila, Santos and Alita Arrambide recorded at the 1993 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko.
Length: 9:58
3.20 — 11/14/07
"The Coffee Song"
Coffee -- along with saddles, boots, and hats -- is an everyday necessity for the iconic working cowboy. So take a moment, grab a cup and help us celebrate the first anniversary of Ranch Rhymes: Cowboy Poetry and Music from the Western Folklife Center Archives with DW Groethe's "The Coffee Song."
Length: 5:28
3.21 — 12/3/07
Sunny Hancock and "The Lost Flannins"
Bruce Kiskaddon penned a cautionary tale many years ago -- a tongue-in-cheek story involving some bitter accusations and a pair of long johns. Sunny Hancock's recitation of "The Lost Flannins" from the 16th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering remains one of our favorites.
Length: 5:00
3.22 — 12/18/07
"The Auction"
Some of the best poems and songs at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering are performed each year in the smaller venues at Elko - - the Take Your Turn and Anything Goes sessions. JoLynne Kirkwood's poem "The Auction" is just such a poem that stood out at last year's Gathering. Here it is now, along with an interview excerpt with JoLynne, in this episode of Ranch Rhymes.
Length: 8:48
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