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2008 (Inclusive dates)
4.01 — 1/9/08
The Power of Poetry
The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering has always been a time to catch up with old friends and make new ones each year. In this episode of our Ranch Rhymes podcast, Milton Taylor and Dick Warwick talk about the power of poetry and about how they met each other halfway around the globe, at a bush poetry festival in Australia.
Length: 6:36
4.02 — 1/22/08
Don Edwards and "Chopo"
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the very first published collection of American folk songs, Songs of the Cowboys, Texas troubador Don Edwards has created a musical tribute to cowboy, songwriter and ballad collector Jack Thorp for the 24th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.  Catch a sneak preview as you listen to Don's 2003 Gathering performance of Thorp's classic song "Chopo" on this episode of Ranch Rhymes!
Length: 4:43
4.03 — 3/13/08
Slim Critchlow, Part III
The latest Ranch Rhymes episode is the third installment in our Slim Critchlow series. This episode presents Slim reciting two rarely heard classic poems: "The Dying Cowboy" and "Billy Vereno," both recorded in 1968 by Barry Olivier.
Length: 8:33
4.04 — 3/31/08
"April's Fool"
Between working, performing, and recording a new collection of his poetry, Elko's own Walter "Bimbo" Cheney has been staying busy this year. We're happy to highlight one of Elko County's best in this episode of Ranch Rhymes, as he recites an original poem, "April's Fool."
Length: 5:48
4.05 — 4/21/08
"Put That Back... Hoedown"
Celebrating National Poetry Month, Cowboy Poetry Week, and Earth Day all at once, Ranch Rhymes features Wallace McRae's brilliantly crafted and politically charged poem, "Put That Back... Hoedown."
Length: 4:39
4.06 — 5/7/08
Springtime on a Sierra Foothills Ranch
Situated somewhere between a California poetry legacy of Gary Snyder, the Beats, and the ranching communities his family has been a part of for generations, John Dofflemyer gives us two short poems to reflect upon springtime, in his strong and original voice.
Length: 5:15
4.07 — 5/22/08
Husbands and Wives
We're approaching the season for wedding celebrations, so in this Ranch Rhymes episode, we honor those who will soon take the plunge into matrimony.
Length: 15:18
4.08 — 6/5/08
"The Old Prospector"
A master reciter of classic verse, Jerry Brooks worked underground in the coal mines of Utah for 26 years before taking to the cowboy poetry stage. As the 23rd Annual Mining Expo comes to Elko, we honor friends and family who work in the mining industry with Brooksie's recitation of a lesser-known poem by Charles Badger Clark, "The Old Prospector."
Length: 5:10
4.09 — 6/22/08
“How Cowboy Poetry Got Its Start”
As the Western Folklife Center gears up for the silver anniversary of the National Cowboy Poetry Gatheringnext January, Ranch Rhymeswill "turn an inward gaze" to the genre, exploring our archives for poetry and song that is specifically aboutElko, the Gathering, and the tradition itself, starting with Frank Gleeson's aptly named poem, "Cowboy Poetry."
Length: 4:22
4.10 — 7/8/08
Rhymin’ In Butte
The National Folk Festival took place July 11-13 2008 in historic Butte, Montana, and what better way to kick off the festivities than with this rendition of Paul Zarzyski's "Why I Like Butte," performed with Wylie Gustafson and Sourdough Slim at the 2008 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.
Length: 10:10
4.11 — 7/24/08
“Inspiration Is Everywhere”
Cowboy poet and all-around funny man Ed Brown shares two good ones about finding one's muse in cowboy poetry and music.
Length: 4:49
4.12 — 8/7/08
“Riding with Ranch Rhymes”
In anticipation of the August 16, 2008 concert at the Western Folklife Center, award-winning western crooner Dave Stamey and young buckaroo singer-songwriter Adrian are featured in this Ranch Rhymesepisode.
Length: 8:19
4.13 — 9/3/08
“It’s All About Elko”
As we continue to explore poems and songs inspired by experiences at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering we feature Kent Stockton's "Filling the Gaps at Elko" and Gail Steiger's "Elko On Your Own" in this Ranch Rhymesepisode.
Length: 11:18
4.14 — 9/15/08
“Baxter Black and The Vanishing Breed”
Recorded live at the National Western Stock Show in Denver during the early 1980s, this episode features Baxter Black and his poem, "Vanishing Breed?"
Length: 2:46
4.15 — 9/25/08
“The Master of ‘The Zebra Dun’”
In this episode we're featuring an old song sometimes referred to as "The Educated Fellow," although most of you know it as "The Zebra Dun," recorded during the 2006 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.
Length: 6:54
4.16 — 10/08/08
“Poetry Nights in Elko”
Listen in as we feature a Chuck Powell recitation of a poem by Randy Hamill, "What Is A Cowboy Poet?" and an original song from John Hollis, "Elko Nights," as we continue our exploration of 25 years of inspiration on Ranch Rhymes. Both pieces were recorded live in Elko at the 1999 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.
Length: 6:54
4.17 — 10/23/08
“Such Is the Life of a Poet”
The Western Folklife Center continues to comb the archives for material inspired and informed by 25 years of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Featured in this episode are 12 year-old Shaun Perisho's own definition, "Cowboy Poetry Is…" from 1999; a poem about the Gathering from longtime Owyhee, Nevada, school teacher Nora Couch as recited by Betty Vaughn in 1998; and an original take on the muse of the cowboy poet from 5th generation eastern Washington rancher/farmer, Dick Warwick from 1999.
Length: 7:27
4.18 – 11/10/08
 “A Cowboy Song for Elko”
In 1976, singer-songwriter-columnist Mary McCaslin's LP, "Prairie in the Sky" on Rounder Records helped turn on a generation of listeners to the world of traditional American cowboy music. At the 1998 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, following an introduction by fellow songwriter Gary McMahan, Mary McCaslin treated the Elko audience to a new original song (about a certain "cowtown on the high Nevada plain") inspired by her times at the 1997 Gathering.
Length: 6:13
4.19 – 11/26/08
“Cowboy Poets Give Thanks”
Who are you thankful for this holiday season? The Western Folklife Center gives thanks to all cowboy poets and National Cowboy Poetry Gathering staff and volunteers. This episode of Ranch Rhymesfeatures poems from folklorist Dr. Jim Griffith, Canadian cowboy poet Doris Daley and North Dakota cowboy poet Rodney Nelson. Happy Thanksgiving!
Length: 9:40
4.20 – 12/11/08
“Celebrating Friendship in Verse”
In this episode of Ranch Rhymes, we treat listeners to the only free verse poem written by the Cowboy Curmudgeon, Wallace McRae. A tribute, of sorts, to his poet friend Paul Zarzyski, the poem "Zzarzzyski" is thick with detail and meaning and was recorded at the 2006 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko. Both poets will once again be appearing on stage at our 25th Gathering, January 24-31, 2009.
Length 7:16
4.21 – 12/23/08
“The Christmas Quilt”
For our special holiday Ranch Rhymes podcast, we feature Yvonne Hollenbeck, a South Dakota poet and quilter - who's won awards at both - reciting her poignant original poem, "The Christmas Quilt," recorded at the 2004 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko. The Western Folklife Center wishes you and yours very happy holidays for 2008.
Length: 6:53
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