Interview with Chief Peter Barlow

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NA 714 (local)
1972 (Date created)

Chief Peter Barlow of the Micmac, interviewed by Frederick Pratson, September 19, 1972, at the Indian Island Reservation in Rexton, New Brunswick. Barlow and an unidentified man discuss Barlow’s childhood at Indian Island Reservation in the 1920s and 30s; food; farming; innate nature of leadership; qualities of a leader; Andy Paul’s efforts to gain Indian rights and claims to government aid; land rights; moral obligations of white Canada to Indians; possible economic programs that would benefit Indians; their views on ‘Indian mentality’; stereotypes and prejudices; story of an old Mohawk raid (transcript has significant gaps); Indian involvement in French-English colonial fighting; spiritual philosophy; Barlow’s relationship with his father; his premonitions and visions of ghosts; discrimination in the Army; anger at government and the police; militant Indian organizations as gangs; loss of Indian languages; and Indian identity and inability to be white. Transcript: 97 pp; Recording: T458 – T461   2 hours

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Peter Barlow (creator), Frederick Pratson (contributor)
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Barlow’s childhood at Indian Island Reservation in the 1920s and 30s (Local)
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sound tape reels (analog)
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Peter Barlow (creator)