University of Missouri Press

Preferred Name
University of Missouri Press
Library of Congress Naming Authority
University of Missouri Press [info:lc/authorities/names/nr2001033574]

The University of Missouri Press was founded in 1958 by William Peden, writer and dedicated member of the university’s English Department faculty.  Throughout its history, the Press has been committed to publishing important books, including those unlikely to turn a profit for commercial publishers. The Press endeavors to share original scholarly research, outstanding writing, as well as uniquely focused studies by, for, and about Missourians. Making these books available to the public enables the Press to fulfill its mission as a partner to the University of Missouri in the dissemination of scholarship and knowledge.

The specific areas in which the Press publishes include American and world history; military history; intellectual history; biography; journalism; African American studies; women's studies; American, British, and Latin American literary criticism; journalism; political science; regional studies; and creative nonfiction.

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