Wilson, Laurel

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Wilson, Laurel

Professor Emerita, Department of Textiles and Apparel Management, University of Missouri. Dr. Wilson is Professor for the Department of Textiles and Apparel Management. Her main areas of interest include the history dress worn in the American West and Missouri's contributions to the apparel industry during the 19th and 20th centuries. As Professor, Dr. Wilson has a strong passion for her research and strives to educate her students with the most interesting and specific topics relating to many time periods throughout history. Dr. Wilson states, "The largest body of my work has been research about the dress of American cowboys and cowboy wannabes but I am also interested in traditional textile production as it was practiced in the 19th century and how it is done today." Dr. Wilson takes her research very seriously and has shared a plethora of knowledge of these topics with her students throughout the courses that she has taught. Dr. Wilson resides with her husband, Howard Wilson, in the country outside of Harrisburg, Missouri.

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