Gannon, Niall

Preferred Name
Gannon, Niall

Son of PJ and Helen Gannon, Niall began playing the fiddle as a child and was a frequent competitor at the All-Ireland Fleadh many times over the years.  He directed the St. Louis Irish Grupai Cheoil in 2004 at which time they brought the championship senior title back to the United States.  He returned to Tullamore to compete with the group again in 2007.

Niall is a member of The Banks Ceili Band of St. Louis, Missouri.  He continues to teach at St. Louis Irish Arts during the senior grupai cheoil class  He is also passing the cultural traditions of his family down to his own family.  Niall’s daughter Riley plays the concertina.  His younger daughter Fiona is a dancer and plays the fiddle.  Niall’s wife Gretchen Gannon sings and is featured on several tracks of St. Louis Irish Arts recordings.

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