Allen Hazard

Preferred Name
Allen Hazard
Library of Congress Naming Authority
Hazard, Allen [info:lc/authorities/names/n2016021862]

Allen Hazard has been making wampum for the last thirty years; he acquired his skills from his mother Sarah (Fry) Hazard and her sister Laura (Fry) Mars; "both had an amazing ability to make things with their hands, being able to watch them do needle point and beadwork in my childhood gave me the inspiration to do what I do with wampum today". Allen's jewelry - including wampum beads, necklaces, and belts - is made in an old style so that it can be worn with traditional Eastern Woodland regalia. Mr. Hazard continues to make wampum "to carry on the tradition of wampum beads for the Narragansett Nation".

Allen Hazard taught wampum making  in the Southern New England Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, Year 14, 2011-2012

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