Daphne Board

Preferred Name
Daphne Board

Cordwainer Daphne makes made-to-measure, custom built shoes and boots by hand using wooden or plastic lasts. She learned her cordwaining skills through an apprenticeship with a shoemaker in Nova Scotia, who himself had learned from an Italian shoemaker. Since then, she has set up own shop in Holyoke, MA. Board is a member of the Honorable Cordwainers Company. She also relies on a small community of shoe and bootmakers for advice, locating leather suppliers, and learning traditional techniques. In addition to her stunning leather work and keen eye for color, Daphne Board is on her way to becoming a certified pedorthist, someone skilled in making orthotics and treating foot problems. "I'm interested in not only making beautiful shoes, but shoes for people who can't wear factory made, stand-sized shoes."

Daphne Board was named a finalist in the 2014 MCC Artist Fellowships in the traditional arts. Selected Exhibitions and Commissions include the group show In These Shoes: Bespoke Footwear in American, Quigley Gallery, Dubuque, Iowa and Paper City Studios, Holyoke, MA. Board served as a master artist in a2013 Southern New England Traditional Arts Program and was a demonstrating craft artist at the 2013 Lowell Folk Festival, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Daphne Board taught cordwaining in the Southern New England Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, Year 15, 2012-2013

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