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Stanislaus Renard
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Renard, Stan, 1981- [info:lc/authorities/names/n2016039416]

Dr. Stan Renard, Bohemian Quartet founder and arranger, is a virtuoso violinist, violist and active conductor. He studied violin performance with Veda Reynolds formerly of the Curtis Institute; Alexandre Brussilovsky, Assistant of Leonid Kogan in Moscow and Yehudi Menuhin in London; Philip Setzer of the Emerson String Quartet, Marylou Speaker Churchill, formerly the Principal Second Violinist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and famed violinist Theodore Arm. Dr. Renard is an alumnus of the Pierre Monteux Conducting School in Hancock, Maine. As a conductor, he studied with, and was the assistant of, Maestros Lanfranco Marcelletti, Harvey Sollberger, and Michael Jinbo.

Dr. Renard holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts (DMA) from the University of Connecticut as a Doctorate in International Business (DBA) from Southern New Hampshire University. Previous held collegiate appointments include Colby College, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, the University of Connecticut, Providence College, Eastern Connecticut State University and Southern New Hampshire University, and the University of California at San Diego where Dr. Renard has taught courses in applied music, music business, music education, management, marketing, consulting and organizational leadership, coached and conducted ensembles at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently, Dr. Renard is Assistant Professor of Music Marketing at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Renard has the unique background of someone who has taught business courses in business schools and music courses in music departments, and then used this experience to develop music business courses. His academic research focuses on applying computational modeling applications to the international music industry. With the use of Social Network Analysis and Scenario Planning, Dr. Renard has been able to empirically explain how ongoing consolidation affects the positioning of various actors in the music industry and how the convergence of technologies impacts the industry's strategic practices.

Dr. Renard is a touring artist and founded the Bohemian Quartet, a string ensemble that presents his arrangements of East-Central European folk and Romani music. Dr. Renard conducts ongoing ethnomusicology field research in Eastern Central Europe that lends to authentic performance practices for his ensemble. The group was placed three times on the 2010 Grammy Association ballot, twice for Best Instrumental Arrangement and once for Best New Artist.

Dr. Renard is also the founder of two active chamber orchestras: The string ensemble Opus One in residency at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and the group NOVA Musica currently in residency at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. In addition, Dr. Renard has served as the Executive Director of the Community String Project, a non-profit organization offering affordable and accessible after school and evening violin, viola, cello, and bass lessons to youths and adults in the East Bay communities in Rhode Island.

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Stan Renard taught Roma violin in the Southern New England Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, Year 15, 2012-2013

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