III. Sound Recordings

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Sound recordings include interviews and musical performances from the 1980s through the 1990s that relate chiefly to the Minnesota Folk Arts radio programs and the Minnesota Traditional Music Series of commercial recordings. Audiocassettes used to create the Minnesota Folk Arts radio modules and the Norwegian-American LP project mainly record artist interviews. John Berquist's collection includes 26 audiocassettes, mostly of Croatian and Slovenian button box field recordings from the Mesabi Range in 1984. DATs record mostly live performances from the 1998 Minnesota Folk Festival and Finn Fest. Wayne Gannaway's 1999 fieldwork recordings have corresponding photographs.

Creator and/or Contributor
Philip Nusbaum (recordist), John Berquist (recordist), Wayne Gannaway (recordist)
194 (audiocassettes)
20 (DATs)
English (Languages)
German (Languages)
Norwegian (Languages)
Ojibwa (Languages)
Spanish (Languages)
Czech (Languages)
Finnish (Languages)
Hmong (Languages)
Slovenian (Languages)
Yiddish (Languages)
Related Entities:
Philip Nusbaum (recordist)
John Berquist (recordist)
Wayne Gannaway (recordist)
Dance regalia belonging to David Kline's son, 1994. Photograph by John Berquist, courtesy of the UW-Madison Archives, #S09887.