III. Graphic Materials

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Graphic Materials consist mainly of slides, as well as color and black-and-white photographs, black-and-white negatives and internegatives, a color copy negative, and a color copy transparency. Images from many of the 35 mm color slides and black-and-white photographs taken by Lewis Koch appear in the exhibition catalogue of the same name which the Cedarburg Cultural Center published in 1990. The installation manual contains 18 Polaroid photographs of exhibit panels and artifact display cases. Also included are black-and-white prints and negatives taken by James P. Leary of a “concertina bar”; Art Altenburg, a concertina maker in Milwaukee; and a polka event in Evansville (reproduced in a brochure for the Down Home Dairyland weekly Wisconsin Public Radio program).
Creator and/or Contributor
Lewis Koch (photographer), James P. Leary (photographer)
478 (35 mm color slides)
27 (color prints (26 3x3 to 3x4 and 1 4x5))
18 (Polaroid prints (3.5 x 4.25))
27 (black-and-white prints (2 8x10, 24 5x7, and 1 4x5))
1 (black-and-white negatives (half-sheet))
10 (contact sheets)
5 (black-and-white internegatives (4x5))
1 (color copy negative (4x5))
1 (color copy transparency (4x5))
Related Entities:
Lewis Koch (photographer)
James P. Leary (photographer)
Kokle by Konstantins Dravnieks and Latvian newspaper, 1990. Photograph by Lewis Koch.