Interview with Leon Bussell

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NA 780 (local)
1973 - 1975 (Date created)
Interviews with Leon Bussell conducted by Ralph Cook in October and November, 1973, and by Susan Tibbetts in October and November, 1975, for class projects. Topics covered include hanging and taking in the booms; his own work along the shore; making rafts of the logs; kinds of rafts; dropping off; equipment and clothing; Captain Kidd’s buried treasure; steamboats and their use in river drives; rescues and drownings; work of boom scalers; Pea Cove and other booms; and boom-related buildings on White Squaw Island. Photos, P416—P419, P425, P461, P490, P495, P508—P510, P524, P566 / T655-
171 pp
Creator and/or Contributor
Leon Bussell (creator), Ralph Cook (contributor), Susan Tibetts (contributor)
Other Subject Headings
Hanging and taking in the booms Making rafts of the logs Kinds of rafts Dropping off Equipment and clothing Captain Kidd’s buried treasure Steamboats and their use in river drives (Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT))
Materials Designation
photographic prints
Related Entities:
Leon Bussell (creator)