Interview with Ernest Kennedy

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NA 786 (local)
1973 - 1975 (Date created)
 Interviews with Ernest Kennedy by Ken Whitney, October and November, 1973; by Susan Tibbetts, November, 1975; by Elizabeth Warner and Cindy Lamb, October, 1975, for class projects. Topics covered include jobs such as checkers, runners; tools such as hookaroons, jiggers; method of tying joints to buoy; marks and prize (unmarked)logs; spring floods and jams; bosses Isaac Mann, Alonzo Mann, Wallace Drake, Walter Buzzell, Stephen Buzzell, and others; PLA; function of sorting gap, beats, joints, check line, swings, shear boom, buoys, dropping off; steamboats such as Toscah; cooks, cookees, and chambermaids; meals; description of kitchen and cooking methods; White Squaw Island boom house; pay; sleeping quarters; Indian and Irish workers; leisure activities such as gambling, music, dances, log rolling contests. Photos,P416, P425, P537 / T673 -T677
Creator and/or Contributor
Ernest Kennedy (creator), Kenneth Whitney (contributor), Susan Tibetts (contributor), Elizabeth Warner (contributor), Lucinda Lamb (contributor)
Other Subject Headings
Checkers Runners (Local)
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Ernest Kennedy (creator)