Interview with Stephen R. “Rex” Buzzell

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NA 789 (local)
1973 (Date created)
 Interview with Stephen R. “Rex” Buzzell conducted by Ives on 23 October 1973. Topics covered include the spring flood and resulting log jam of 1923; construction of jam piers; Sunkhaze, Nebraska and Pea Cove booms; use of shear boom; buildings on White Squaw Island; living conditions and recreation; structure and operation of boom, gap, beats, jigger, marks, swings, stray raft, dropping off; tools. Photos, P425, P489, P491, P492, P511, P515, P518, P522, P534 / T681-T682
Creator and/or Contributor
Stephen R Buzzell (creator), Edward D Ives (contributor)
Other Subject Headings
Spring flood and resulting log jam of 1923 Construction of jam piers Sunkhaze Nebraska and Pea Cove booms Use of shear boom Buildings on White Squaw Island living conditions and recreation Structure and operation of boom (Local)
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