Interview with fisherman Lyle Thill.

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March 31 1988 (Date created)
Lyle Thill (born 1925) was brought up on the Garden Penninsula. He is an experienced welder, construction worker, and boatbuilder, who received much of his training in the navy during World War II and afterwards, in San Diego shipyards. Since he returned to the Garden Penninusla in the late 1970s, he has earned part of his living welding for fishermen, building steel skiffs and trap net anchors, and modifying steel trap net boats. In particular, he helped Wayne Seaman build his small steel skiff for trapnetting, and he discusses the shape, features, and construction of this boat.
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Janet C. Gilmore (interviewer), Lyle L. Thill (interviewee)
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Janet C. Gilmore (interviewer)
Lyle L. Thill (interviewee)
Lyle Thill outside his workshop. Photograph by Janet C. Gilmore.