Clarence Berry, interviewed by Edward D. "Sandy" Ives, March 12, 1986, in Jacksonville, Maine.

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NA 1912 (local)
March 12 1986 (Date created)

Berry discusses working in the woods and drives on the Machias River in the 1910s and 20s; working in a depot camp for the Jacksonville Lumber Company; description and construction of a capstan raft; fireplaces; bean-hole beans; tasks of bull-cooks; tools, the filer, and the blacksmith; clothing worn in woods camps; hiring on in Machias and walking upriver to drive; story of Calvin Graves who shot two wardens; beginning of a river drive; two-log cats; progression through Machias River Lakes; difficult patches for driving logs; use of dynamite to break up jams; use of anchors; camps along the river; food in woods and river camps; positions within a lumbering group; felling trees; working with foreigners; and use of a curved adze.

Creator and/or Contributor
Clarence Berry (interviewee), Edward D Ives (interviewer)
English (Languages)
Other Subject Headings
Logging (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Log driving--Maine (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Occupational Folklore (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Foodways (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Logging tools (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
work clothes (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Lumber camps (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Poaching (crime) (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Local legends (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Temporal Coverage
circa 1915 - 1986
Geographic Coverage
Machias River (Geonames)
West Branch Machias River (Geonames)
Jacksonville, Maine (Geonames)
East Machias River (Geonames)
Township 19 (Local)
Crawford, Maine (Geonames)
Whitneyville, Maine (Geonames)
Wesley, Maine (Geonames)
Fletcher Field, Maine (Geonames)
Nicatous stream (Geonames)
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Clarence Berry (interviewee)
Edward D Ives (interviewer)
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