III. Graphic Materials

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1997 (Date created)
Graphic Materials consist mainly of 35 mm color slides shot by Lewis Koch, documenting folk artists, folk art works, and the process of creating those works. Also included are 35 mm color slides by James P. Leary and Janet C. Gilmore, prints used in the exhibit, other photo documentation used for the catalogue or exhibit related materials, floor plans, display case specifications, and 2 VHS videorecordings, one celebrating the diversity the exhibition showcases, and the other a sponsor thank-you video.
Creator and/or Contributor
Lewis Koch (photographer), James P. Leary (photographer), Janet C. Gilmore (photographer)
2411 ((approximately) 35 mm color slides)
3 (11x14 prints)
61 (8x10 black-and-white prints)
5 (8x10 color prints)
43 (4x6 color prints and 35 mm negatives)
8 (3-1/2x5 color prints)
97 (4x6 internegatives (color and black-and-white))
25 (black-and-white contact sheets)
17 (color exhibit prints)
14 (black-and-white exhibit prints)
7 (18x24 floor plans)
4 (8 1/2x14 drawings (sets))
2 (8 1/2x14 drawings (booklets))
2 (VHS recordings)
Related Entities:
Lewis Koch (photographer)
James P. Leary (photographer)
Janet C. Gilmore (photographer)
Bertha Blackdeer weaves a black ash basket, 1993. Photograph by Lewis Koch.