George Bagley, interviewed by Ronald Bean, July 15, 21, and 22, 1976, at the home of Earl Grass.

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NA 1077 (local)
July 1976 (Date created)

Bagley talks about jobs he held when he was young; his first job working in the woods; learning how to drive horses; the horses he owned throughout his life; where horses could be sold when they became too old; where horses were purchased; horse medicine; and hauling logs as a teamster. Bagley talks about local ghost stories; Oat Taylor, owner of the general store; bootleggers; hunting; transportation before the advent of automobiles; Sam Rubin, the local peddler; music and dances of his era; his family; what school was like when he was a boy; mortuary practices in the early 1900s; and dentistry in the early 1900s. Bagley talks about Amos Noyes and his singing ability; Noyes’ friend, Matt Noble; and going to the motion picture theaters.

Creator and/or Contributor
George Bagley (interviewee), Ronald Bean (interviewer)
English (Languages)
Other Subject Headings
Logging (forestry) (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Farming (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Work animals (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Automobiles (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Wages (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Intercultural relations (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Log driving--Maine (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Horses (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Traditional music (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Agricultural fairs (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Logging accidents (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Sawmills (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Local legends (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
General stores (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Alcoholic beverages (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Rumrunning (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Hunting (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Storytelling (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Towns (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Entertainment and recreation (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Funerary rituals (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Folk beliefs (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Remedies (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Temporal Coverage
1912 - 1976
Geographic Coverage
Topsfield, Maine (Geonames)
Lambert Lake, Maine (Geonames)
Musquash Stream, Maine (Geonames)
Baskahegan Lake (Geonames)
Little River Lake, Maine (Geonames)
Princeton, Maine (Geonames)
Forest City, Maine (Geonames)
Machias, Maine (Geonames)
Danforth, Maine (Geonames)
Orono, Maine (Geonames)
Calais, Maine (Geonames)
Old Town, Maine (Geonames)
Milltown, New Brunswick (Geonames)
Brookton, Maine (Geonames)
Related Entities:
George Bagley (interviewee)
Ronald Bean (interviewer)
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