Interview with Tina and Ivan Daigle by Christina Trefethen, Spring 1987, Chester, Maine

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NA 1971 (local)
May 8 1987 (Bulk dates)

Interview with Tina and Ivan Daigle regarding Tina’s daily living experiences while her husband worked in the woods during the winter, and what it was like for women living in woods camps that consisted primarily of men.

Creator and/or Contributor
Tina Daigle (interviewee), Ivan Daigle (interviewee), Christina Trefethen (interviewer)
English (Languages)
Other Subject Headings
Women (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Lumber camps (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Embroidery (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Entertainment and recreation (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Foodways (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Everyday life (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Farming (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Childbirth (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Logging (forestry) (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Education (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Amateur sports (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Logging tools (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Family histories (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Temporal Coverage
circa 1935 - 1987
Geographic Coverage
Chester, Maine (Geonames)
Saponac, Maine (Geonames)
Crawford, Maine (Geonames)
Lincoln, Maine (Geonames)
Howland, Maine (Geonames)
Gorham, Maine (Geonames)
East Millinocket, Maine (Geonames)
Fredericton, New Brunswick (Geonames)
Millinocket, Maine (Geonames)
Yellowstone National Park (Geonames)
Lee, Maine (Geonames)
Fort Kent, Maine (Geonames)
Eagle Lake, Maine (Geonames)
Quebec (Geonames)
Woodland, Maine (Geonames)
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Tina Daigle (interviewee)
Ivan Daigle (interviewee)
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