Western Folklife Center Events Collection

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1005 (local)
Alternate Title
WFC Events Collection (Alternative Title)
1985 - 2015 (Inclusive dates)
1993 - 2015 (Bulk dates)

Collection contains files and media documentation of events and programs produced by, sponsored by, or held at the Western Folklife Center, sometimes in collaboration with other organizations. Portions of the collection consist of planning documents, but overall the folders contain promotional and publicity pertaining to events―posters, flyers, press clippings, brochures, invitations, etc.―and occasionally photographs. The collection also includes sound and video recordings of concerts and events. Processing Note: The collection was created in 2000; materials from before 2000 found in the archives were “grandfathered” in as they were discovered. Owing to the sporadic nature in which materials were acquired, the collection does not represent a complete picture of every event produced by or at the Western Folklife Center. Some larger events or concert series have been assigned to their own collections. The period 2000-2010 is fairly complete, but after 2010, the documentation became increasingly fragmented as there was no systematic workflow for collecting materials from WFC events. Boxes 1 and 2 were added after the collection was established—they contain previously created files and have not been processed further. They cover the time period roughly 1993-1999, but are not strictly in chronological sequence. The first two boxes contain extensive planning files for events, notably the Western Folklife Roundup in 1995 (“Roundup95”). Audiovisual documentation of events has been sporadic over the years and only a handful of concerts held in the Western Folklife Center’s G-3Bar Theater were recorded or videotaped. At time of writing, the collection provides a general but incomplete overview of WFC events, and is complemented by other collections in the Western Folklife Center Archives (see Related Collections). Gallery exhibitions are arranged and described in Collection 1004. Folder numbers are provisional and are likely to change in the future.

Creator and/or Contributor
The Plainsmen (contributor), The Cowdaddies (contributor), Ira Gostin (contributor), Glenn Ohrlin (contributor), Waddie Mitchell (contributor), Marley's Ghost (contributor), Judith Edelman (contributor), Wylie and the Wild West (contributor), Liz Carroll (contributor), John Doyle (contributor), Mingo Saldivar (contributor), Kane's River (contributor), Curtis Stigers (contributor), Open Road (contributor), Doug Watson (contributor), George Winston (contributor), Black Irish Band (contributor), Bill Daniel (contributor), The Girlfriend Season (contributor), Dave Stamey (contributor), Adrian (contributor), Snake River Outlaws (contributor), Baxter Black (contributor), Red Rock Rondo (contributor), The Gillette Brothers (contributor), Cheryl Glotfelty (contributor), Paul Zarzyski (contributor), Wylie Gustafson (contributor), Harry Reid (contributor), Joni Harms (contributor), Ian Tyson (contributor), Mike Beck (contributor), Hal Cannon (contributor), Teresa Jordan (contributor), Jabbour, Alan (contributor), Ken Perlman (contributor), Growling Old Men (contributor), Leon Hunt (contributor), Sam Platts (contributor), Kootenai Three (contributor), Caleb Klauder (contributor), Sidne Teske (contributor), Southwind (contributor), Cowboy Celtic (contributor), Jim Laurie (contributor), Jessica Brandi Lifland (contributor), Steve Green (contributor), Devon Blunden (contributor), Meg Glaser (contributor), Charlie Ekburg (contributor), Sharon Glenn (contributor), George Thomsen (contributor), Brenn Hill (contributor), Kaminari Taiko Drum Group (contributor), Shawn Phillips (contributor), Jack Walther (contributor), Don Fitzgerald (contributor), Stinging Nettle (contributor), Katie Aiken (contributor), Bunkhouse Orchestra (contributor), Stephanie Davis (contributor), Wallace McRae (contributor)
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157 (folders)
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22 (compact discs (CD-R) [sound recording])
7 (digital audio tape (DAT) [sound recording])
2 (minidiscs [sound recording])
1 (DVD-R (digital versatile disc) [sound recording])
3 (DVD-R (digital versatile disc) [video recording])
10 (miniDV tapes [video recording])
6 (VHS tapes [video recording])
10 (compact discs (CD-R) [photographs])
2 (DVD-R (digital versatile disc) [photographs])
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Community members learn to play Mexican card game, Loteria, as part of the Western Folklife Center's "Play Your Hand" event series. Photo ©2008 Steve Green. Western Folklife Center Events Collection.

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