Series 3. Biographical and Musical Information

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Folder 5            3.1  Clippings and Reviews (originals)
                        -- Offprint, review of “Crooked Trail to Holbrook” LP by D. K. Wilgus, in
                                    Journal of American Folklore, July-September 1970
                        -- Country Musical Trails Less Traveled(10:6) November/December 1999
                                    [article about Slim Critchlow]
Folder 6            3.2  Clippings and Reviews (copies)
                        -- Various clippings and reviews, 1960 – ca. 2004
Folder 7            3.3  Concert Flyers
                        -- Handbill announcing concert at John Hinkel Auditorium, produced by
                        Northern California Folk Song Society, 27 September 1959 featuring
                        Walt Robertson, Merritt Herring, Slim Critchlow, and Barry Olivier.
Folder 8            3.4  Music and Lyrics
                        -- Lead sheet for “The Last Wagon, and photocopied pages from Sing Out!
                        -- “Various song lyrics from student transcriptions— not proofed.”
                                    “Windy Bill”
                                    “The Trail to Mexico”
                                    “The D-Bar-2 Horse Wrangler”
                                    “Buffalo Skinners”
                                    “The Cowboy’s Lament”
                                    “Snagtooth Sal”
                                    “John Garner’s Trail [Herd]”
                                    “Whiskey Bill”
                                    “Goodbye Old Paint”
                                    “The Buckin’ Bronco”
                                    “The Wild Buckaroo”
                                    “Borax Bill”
Folder 9            3.5  Slim Critchlow Obituaries
                        -- Berkeley Daily Gazette, 5 November 1969
                        -- Oakland Tribune, 5 November 1969
                        -- San Francisco Chronicle, 7 November 1969
                        -- San Francisco Examiner, 7 November 1969
                        -- [Pine Valley, Utah], no date

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