Interview with Harold Henneberry

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NA 3092 (local)
2003 (Date created)
Harold Henneberry, interviewed by James Moreira, Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at the home of Harold Henneberry in Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada. Mr. Henneberry talks of his experiences as a swordfisherman; born in 1914 into a large fishing family; his father started out sealing in the Falkland Islands; completed school up to the 8th or 9th grade; first began swordfishing at age 11 years as a lookout upon the spar; fishing off Cape Breton starting in 1925 in forty foot Cape Island Style boats; when not swordfishing would fish for cod, haddock and halibut; chartered his own boat at the age of 23 years fishing off Cape Breton; the differences between water color and water temperature and which is the best for swordfishing; lost a vessel in 1956 off the Grand Banks and rowed for seven days before reaching land in Trepassey; differences between striking swordfish with a spear and running a modern type trawl. Transcript: 58 pp
Recording: C2135 / CD2370 1 hour 20 min
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Harold Henneberry (contributor), James Moreira (creator)
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Mr. Henneberry talks of his experiences as a swordfisherman (Local)
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sound discs (CD)
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James Moreira (creator)