Interview with Wayne Newell

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NA 3649 (local)
2010 (Date created)
Wayne Newell interviewed by David Slagger, April 16, 2010(?), concerning the 1980 Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act. CD 2138 is a second interview concerning the same subject matter. First interview: Newell on parental tone of the State to tribes; lack of recognition for indigenous lifestyle; “post-settlement” attitudes; pre-Christian sense of place; past and future movements; increased education and white social awareness of Indians; Dana Mitchell; pros and cons of settlement; Language Reclamation Act; preservation of language and culture. Transcript: 13 pp. Recording: CD2116 30 min. Paper: ANT 490 (Summary of Interview) 2 pp Second interview: Newell’s relationship with John Stevens; “Gravel Pit Protest”; various people involved in negotiations; Terry Polchies and the Maliseet; anticipated impact of conservative Reagan politics on Land Claims; negotiations of 1794; effect on present attitudes; pre-settlement public hearings; legal environment; fairness and cultural effect of Settlement Act; Indian hunting seasons. Transcript: 12 pp. Recording: CD2138 26 min
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Wayne Newell (creator), David Slagger (contributor)
Other Subject Headings
1980 Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act. Parental tone of the State to tribes; lack of recognition For indigenous lifestyle; “post-settlement” attitudes; (Local)
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sound discs (CD)
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Wayne Newell (creator)