Interview with Fatuma Hussein

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NA 3735 (local)


Fatuma Hussein, interviewed by Elizabeth Hoyt Hannibal on March 26, 2003 in Hussein’s office in the Community Concepts building in Auburn, Maine.  Hussein was the head of an organization called United Somali Women of Maine that helps Somali women adjust to living in nearly all-white Lewiston.  Topics included importance of family support;  hospitality of Somali people; marriage; refugee camps in Kenya; traditional dress; hijab; diraa; religious requirement to cover head; Somalis in Atlanta, Georgia; moving to Maine; wearing pants; shoes; flip-flops; Western clothing; challenges of skin color, religion, culture, language; fear of change. Transcript: 19 pp

Recording: C2651

Creator and/or Contributor
Fatuma Hussein (creator), Elizabeth Hoyt Hannibal (contributor)
Other Subject Headings
Importance of family support. Hospitality of Somali people. Marriage. Refugee camps in Kenya. Traditional dress. Religious requirement to cover head. Somalis in Atlanta, Georgia. (Local)
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sound cassettes (analog)
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Fatuma Hussein (creator)