Motion picture films covering various aspects of Thomas "Archie" Stewart's and his family's life

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NA 2398 (local)
circa 1920 - 1990 (Date created)

 Video tape copies of a collection of 175 16 mm motion picture films shot in the 1920s – 1980s covering various aspects of Mr. Stewart’s life. The originals are in the collection of Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, Maine. A Xeroxed copy of a 147 page handwritten catalog compiled by Stewart is included plus a 134 page description of the contents prepared by NHF. 

Creator and/or Contributor
Thomas "Archie" Stewart (creator)
English (Languages)
Other Subject Headings
Entertainment and Recreation (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Automobiles (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Travel (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Winter (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Pets (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Hunting (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Gardens (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Boats (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Railroads (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Farming (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Fishing (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Birthdays (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Marriage (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Holidays (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Clothing (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Horseback riding (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Water sports (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Construction industry (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Airplanes (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Foodways (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Ice industry (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Fire (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Universities and colleges (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Music (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Storytelling (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Hunting (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Military academies (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Family life (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Mills (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Christmas (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Toys (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Ice industry (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Picnics (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Ball games (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Coasts (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Parties (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Acting (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Alcoholic beverages (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Camping (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Circuses (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Wildlife (animals) (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Crafts (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Painting (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Log Driving--Maine (Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH))
Cowboys (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Scouts (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Banking (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Armed forces (Ethnographic Thesaurus (ET))
Temporal Coverage
circa 1920 - 1992
Geographic Coverage
Manchester, New Hampshire (Geonames)
Perry, Maine (Geonames)
Newburgh, New York (Geonames)
Grand Lake Stream, Maine (Geonames)
Lake Mattamuskeet (Geonames)
Cornwall, Connectict (Geonames)
Brookside (-)
Canada (Geonames)
West Point, New York (Geonames)
Freeport, Maine (Geonames)
Square Lake (Geonames)
Miami, Florida (Geonames)
Calais, Maine (Geonames)
Poughkeepsie, New York (Geonames)
Coral Gables, Florida (Geonames)
San Francisco, California (Geonames)
Yosemite National Park (Geonames)
Mount Hood, Oregon (Geonames)
Walla Walla, Washington (Geonames)
Yellowstone National Park (Geonames)
Sequoia National Park (Geonames)
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (Geonames)
Niagara Falls, New York (Geonames)
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Geonames)
Sturbridge, Massachusetts (Geonames)
New Mexico (Geonames)
Texas (Geonames)
Disneyland (Geonames)
Yarmouth, Massachusetts (Geonames)
Cape Canaveral, Florida (Geonames)
Long Island, New York (Geonames)
Inverary Castle (Geonames)
Alloway, Scotland (Geonames)
Edinburgh, Scotland (Geonames)
Hawaii (Geonames)
Montgomery, Alabama (Geonames)
Myrdal, Norway (Geonames)
Copenhagen, Denmark (Geonames)
Paris, France (Geonames)
Lemoore, California (Geonames)
Oslo, Norway (Geonames)
Stockholm, Sweden (Geonames)
Bedford, Massachusetts (Geonames)
Jonesport, Maine (Geonames)
Fallbrook, California (Geonames)
Concord, Massachusetts (Geonames)
Cambridge, Massachusetts (Geonames)
Wellesley, Massachusetts (Geonames)
Materials Designation
film reels (16mm)
media logs
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Thomas "Archie" Stewart (creator)
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Thomas "Archie" Stewart (subject)
Rob Golding (subject)
Earl Bonness (subject)
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