Henry McNamara Western Poetry Collection

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1093 (local)
1920s (Bulk dates)

Published and unpublished typescript materials related to poet and United Spanish War Veteran from Nevada, Patrick Henry McNamara. Collection includes a “broadside” poetry card “In Memory of Father T. M. Tubman,” also a booklet entitled “Stories in Verse” by Henry McNamara, published at Reno, ca. 1920s, featuring a number of topical poems relating to Nevada, such as “Hard Rock Dan,” “Pah Ute Bob and Chinee Sam,” “A Tragedy of Washoe Lake,” “The Dying Miner,” “The Reno Police Force,” “Blanchfield Memorial,” etc. Plus, six photocopied pages of typed poems and broadsides including “Trip to Omaha,” “S.P. Dining Car,” “Death Valley Curley,” “Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Fitzgerald,” etc. Gift of Bob Lemon of Novato, California in May 2008.

Creator and/or Contributor
Henry McNamara (creator), Bob Lemon (donor)
1 (book)
1 (printed ephemera)
6 (photocopied pages)
English (Languages)
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Henry McNamara (creator)
Bob Lemon (donor)