5.05. Deep West Sheep Camp, Part II

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March 30 2009 (Date created)
5.05 - 3/30/09
Deep West Sheep Camp, Part II
Montana poet Buzzy Vick shares some Gathering history and a poem in the Deep West Sheep Camp. Each year at the Gathering and at other events throughout the region, the Western Folklife Center invites anyone to sign up to be interviewed and join the ranks of people who have recorded their stories and experiences in the Deep West ("Tell Your Story") Sheep Camp, a portable recording studio. The stories then become a part of the permanent oral history and story collections of the Western Folklife Center Archives. Featured on this episode of Ranch Rhymes is Montana poet Elizabeth "Buzzy" Vick, who has brought her poetry to Elko and the "Anything Goes" open mic sessions of the Gathering since the very beginning. "Buzzy" Vick is -- to the best of our knowledge -- the "only Jewish, Croatian-American cowgirl poet in the world." Today we share an interview with her from the Deep West Sheep Camp along with her poem, "Requiem to Beaver Creek Cow Camp," recorded in January 2009 at the 25th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.
Length: 5:44
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Ross Fuqua (narrator), Buzzy Vick (performer)
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